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Lighthouse Learners Scholarship Program

This program has been established by the Old Baldy Foundation for the children of North Carolina. If available, scholarship funds assist with: 1) ferry transportation to the island, and 2) the educational services and materials provided by the staff of the Old Baldy Foundation. 

The money used for the Lighthouse Learners Scholarship Fund is comprised of grants and private funds donated to assist educational programs. Scholarship assistance is determined on an individual group basis and funding availability. Download the scholarship application here. 

Are you interested in supporting the Lighthouse Learners Scholarship Fund? Donating to this scholarship program is an exciting way to make a charitable gift and allow students to have the opportunity to explore and learn about Bald Head Island. Each year we strive to bring over more students than the year before, and every dollar donated gets us closer to this goal. 

For just $25 you can sponsor one child to take this exciting field trip. For every child sponsored we will send you a personalized certificate of donation. Please call 910-457-7481 to make a donation, or send checks to P.O. Box 3007, Bald Head Island, NC, 28461.